Volunteer Work


Getting these items done will help our funding and increase our impact on the progressive movement.  Get in touch with us if anything here perks your interest.


  • Create gorgeous link badges.


  • Complete transition of all Rock Ridge articles.
  • Fix broken links on the site.
  • Add descriptions to each link on the landing pages.
  • Rewrite landing page to improve focus, readability.
  • Make an awesome licensing policy page.


  • Browser add-on that redirects referral links to us.
    • This is what I Heart Miro and the Effortless Good foundation set out to do, but they apparently shut the program down.  Here is a modified version of I Heart Miro, no idea if it still works.
  • Content duplication scanner that will notify us of sites that do not include CC attribution.
    • Automate adding Google alerts that search for a random sentence and filter pages with back links?
  • A/B test the heck out of the support page and share footer.
  • Create widget-box for quote generator and hack quote icon to it.
    • Currently, the quote box is static, requiring us to go and change it every few months.  There are a number of plugins that would rotate the quote for us, but they lack the styling and icon that the current quote box has.