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Open Source Education for the 21st Century

At Cognitive Policy Works, we are developing new approaches to solving problems in society. At the heart of our work is an educational paradigm we believe can inspire new models of teaching and learning that address the needs of 21st Century communities. A bold vision like this requires more context than can be provided with […]

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The Progressive Tribe and Improving the World

The world is in need of some serious change. We all know this. And many people have taken the call personally and seriously. I encourage you to do the same. You can be an engine of creativity. You can be a catalyst for positive change in the world. It all starts when you see yourself […]

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How Americans Think About Torture – And Why

In recent weeks, new revelations about the harsh interrogation and torture of detainees during the Bush administration years have made headlines and stirred controversy. The positions of prominent advocates and opponents on each side are clear. But what do we know about how the American people in general have come to view the use of […]

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A Quick Observation: Cynics and Optimists in the Blogosphere

Recently my colleague Roy Eidelson and I each published articles in the blogosphere about our predictions and warnings for progressives in the wake of President Obama’s election. We each wrote on a similar topic (mine is here and Roy’s is here). We had both started to write our respective pieces last fall after the election; […]

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Building a Culture of Trust in Politics

A culture of trust is vital to solving the big problems of our age. Without trust, there can be no hope of real and lasting positive change in the world. Our challenges are too big to solve on our own. We must be able to work together and collaborate on an unprecedented scale to build […]

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