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Unleashing the Science of Human Behavior for 21st Century Institutions

This TED Talk by Dan Pink lays it out beautifully. Extrinsic rewards (as presumed by the theory of self-interest) lead to poor performance in every situation except where (a) the rules are clearly defined and (b) the outcome is known in advance. The challenges we face are NOT this kind of problem. The science is […]

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Copenhagen: Getting Past the Urgency Trap

This article is also published at Grist. Copenhagen’s still three weeks away, but climate activists are already voicing their enormous disappointment about everything that’s not going to get done there. The heat is rising, and we’re all feeling the overwhelming urgency to get a strong global agreement that will get the laggards off their butts […]

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Profound Insights Into Political Behavior

We need more applications of psychological research to help us understand political thought and behavior. Check out this phenomenal talk by Matthew Taylor speaking at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce: Discuss below the fold…

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