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A Practitioner’s Guide to Political Frames

I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned about putting frame analysis into practice, both during my time at the Rockridge Institute and afterward as a strategy consultant and professional trainer with Cognitive Policy Works.  My experiences span many different settings including: Deconstructing the cultural and political frames of an academic […]

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How to Bring About Large-scale Behavior Change

One of the most confounding challenges facing the sustainability movement is how to bring about a massive shift in human behavior. This master class explores a variety of powerful insights from cognitive science for developing successful social change strategies. You’ll learn how meaning arises in the workings of the human brain, why emotions are absolutely vital for engaging people in a process of persistent change, and what the root causes are that have driven societal institutions to the edge of ecological collapse.

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Laying the Groundwork for an Empathic Society

This video is a graphic animation of Jeremy Rifkin presenting the evolution of empathy.  It powerfully expresses the innate human capacity for feeling connected with others and suggests that there may be a way to rethink the human narrative in order to achieve lasting solidarity as we confront global challenges.

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