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Obama Starts Race War to Win Election: An Inquiry Into Conspiracy Theories, Part II

The beat goes on.

In the nearly two weeks since I wrote Part I of this series, an armed gunman was arrested en route to assaulting an obscure progressive foundation in San Francisco — one that’s often been at the center of Glenn Beck’s blackboard (which has become Conspiracy Theory Ground Zero for 2010). Also, this just in: President Obama is attempting to foment a race war, complete with New Black Panthers in the streets, in order to win the November elections.

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Different Modes of Thought Influenced the Financial Meltdown

This video provides a Marxist critique of capitalism in the context of the financial meltdown.  I would like to draw particular attention to the various belief systems, modes of understanding, and implicit assumptions built into the global economy. In order to build a better economic system, we’ll need to be explicit about these cognitive elements […]

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Great Overview of How Inequality is Understood in American Politics

I’d like to draw your attention to some excellent research conducted by our friend Anat Shenker-Osorio for the Progressive Ideas Network, in partnership with the Institute for Policy Studies.  She explored the idealized cognitive models, conceptual metaphors, and semantic frames that shape how inequality is understood in American politics.  An overview of her findings can […]

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Exploring the Crazy Conspiracy Theories Bubbling Up Around the BP Disaster

This article is also published on Campaign for America’s Future and  Alternet. You’ve heard the latest one, right? President Obama — or maybe it was Obama working hand-in-glove with BP — deliberately blew up the Deepwater Horizon, sent 11 workers to their deaths, destroyed the country’s biggest fishery, and smeared the coasts of five states […]

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