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The Psychology of Manipulation in Political Ads

Are you tired of all the negative attacks, robo calls, and smear campaigns this election season?  Have you ever wondered why these deplorable tactics are so widespread in political communications?  The simple answer is “because they work.”  But what exactly do they work for? I’d like to pull back the curtain and share some of […]

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Fascist America: Is This Election The Next Turn?

In August 2009, I wrote a piece titled Fascist America: Are We There Yet? that sparked much discussion on both the left and right ends of the blogosphere. In it, I argued that — according to the best scholarship on how fascist regimes emerge — America was on a path that was running much too […]

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Where Do Anti-Government Ideas Come From?

An article came out this week in the New York Times about a strategy meeting hosted by the Koch brothers, two billionaires who have funded a staunchly anti-government agenda for years.  This event highlights a deeper current of money that has been invested in an anti-government policy agenda that goes back decades. In the midst […]

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Building the Progressive Brand

Every American over the age of ten knows what the GOP and the conservative movement stand for. Sing it with me now: low taxes, small government, strong defense, traditional families. See? You know the tune, and the harmony line, too. OK, now: What do Democrats and progressives stand for? Take your time. It’s a tough […]

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