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Why Consumer Marketing Will Eventually End

A few weeks ago I suggested that neuromarketing may be the ultimate threat to democracy because people’s unconscious brain processes can be manipulated to shape political outcomes.  In the context of today’s pressing challenges, this is terrible news.  Now, more than ever, we need a functioning electorate that can collaborate effectively to address the foundational […]

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Do You Believe Change Is Possible?

I’ve noticed that some commenters following this project are concerned that it will ‘just be like any other venture’.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anyone go directly to the people and invite them into high-level strategy discussions for a major social movement before.  That wasn’t possible before recent social technologies came […]

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Let’s Build The New Economy

We need to build a new economy, one that promotes widespread prosperity while protecting us against ecological disaster.  The problem is that the current economy has been structured explicitly to extract wealth from the global commons and accumulate it in the coffers of an extremely powerful elite.  And it is standing in our way. I […]

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How You Can Get Involved

(We’ve launched a fundraising campaign to support writing of the Progressive Strategy Handbook.  Check it out here.) Several people have asked how they can do more than give money to the project.  They want to see this handbook come into being and they want to contribute to the movement with their knowledge, skills, and time.  […]

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Neuromarketing and 21st Century Politics

One of the greatest threats to democracy in the 21st Century is the profound ability for marketing to influence human behavior.  How can we claim that politicians are elected by the people when the foundations of human decision-making are outside conscious awareness?  I’ve been reading The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind […]

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Building New Frameworks for Strategic Action

The world is changing quickly around us.  Shocks have rolled through the global economy.  The political culture has become polarized to the point of profound dysfunction.  Sophisticated media systems are in place to spread lies, sow division, and distort public perceptions.  And a convergence of global challenges lie before us that are not getting the […]

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Toward 21st Century Enlightenment

As we explore the political systems that will be needed to address 21st Century challenges, it is vital that we keep larger philosophical concerns in mind.  I found this video insightful for stimulating deeper insights, especially as we explore new modes of political organizing in America today. This exploration of 21st Century Enlightenment begs us […]

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Ten Things You Can Do To Take America Back

If last Tuesday showed us anything, it’s this: We are not going to get America back on the right road — the one that leads to a progressive, just, carbon-free, equal-opportunity future — by political means alone. That was an illusion, and it’s time to give it up. We are up against powers so massive […]

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Why Create A Progressive Strategy Handbook?

In the last several years, I’ve worked closely with a wide variety of progressive groups and everywhere I go people hunger for better ways to communicate, persuade, collaborate, and engage with those around them.  The recent election was largely determined by the absence of progressive voters.  It wasn’t Tea Party supporters who determined this election.  […]

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The Moment is Now… Let’s Take Back America!

Last week’s election was a wake-up call to progressives everywhere.  If we don’t change the system, we will continue to be pushed under the bus by corporate media, political elites, and the vested powers of the status quo. We are in a moment of consequences.  The future of our country hangs in the balance.  Will […]

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