Why Create A Progressive Strategy Handbook?

In the last several years, I’ve worked closely with a wide variety of progressive groups and everywhere I go people hunger for better ways to communicate, persuade, collaborate, and engage with those around them.  The recent election was largely determined by the absence of progressive voters.  It wasn’t Tea Party supporters who determined this election.  It was the progressives who were disengaged from the process largely through strategies designed to “not offend” conservatives by liberal elites.

If we are to craft compelling stories and revitalize our democracy, we’ll need better strategies that focus on mobilizing our fellow progressives.  The election results clearly demonstrate that we’ve got a lot of work to do.  Now is the moment to be deeply critical of our own methods while simultaneously looking to the future and envisioning the better world we want to create.

The feelings of powerlessness among progressives will only end when we work together and build strong movements to change the power dynamic of our country’s politics.  We see this strategy handbook as one tool among many that will be needed to achieve victory in the long run.

What do you think?  Why would you like to see a progressive strategy handbook come into being?  How would you like to see it used to help turn our country back in the direction of progress?  And what role would you like to play in developing and implementing strategies for the progressive movement?

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