How You Can Get Involved

(We’ve launched a fundraising campaign to support writing of the Progressive Strategy Handbook.  Check it out here.)

Several people have asked how they can do more than give money to the project.  They want to see this handbook come into being and they want to contribute to the movement with their knowledge, skills, and time.  If you are one of those people, rest assured that there will be opportunities to meaningfully participate in this important work.

I originally envisioned this writing project as a starting point for movement-building.  The people who rally together around the creation of a strategy handbook are hungry for action.  They don’t just want to drop a few coins in the bucket and be on their way.  This is why I intend for the Progressive Strategy Handbook to become part of a larger campaign to mobilize progressives across the country around a set of goals that tip the political discourse in our favor.

You can contribute now by suggesting ideas about what should go into the handbook.  When we reach our $5000 target and begin writing, you will be invited into dialogue on our blog at Cognitive Policy Works.  As the handbook moves toward completion, you will be given the opportunity to make additions that will be credited to you and included as part of our online resources.

And then the real action will begin.  We will engage in discussions about how to implement progressive strategies and get to work in our own communities.  The threats confronting us cannot wait to be addressed.  We’ll want to set about the important work of building the 21st Century economy and the politics necessary for it to function properly starting right away.

So please help us reach our goal so we can set this campaign for political change in motion.

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