Do You Believe Change Is Possible?

I’ve noticed that some commenters following this project are concerned that it will ‘just be like any other venture’.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anyone go directly to the people and invite them into high-level strategy discussions for a major social movement before.  That wasn’t possible before recent social technologies came into being.

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We have good reason to doubt the leadership within political parties who continually let us down.  Yet here we remain, yearning for that call to action much more serious than signing a petition or making a phone call. The supposed leaders have shown that they don’t know how to successfully win elections or set policy agendas.  So it’s up to us.

Here we are, a third of the way into this campaign and 28 people have expressed their belief that this might be something fundamentally different.  They have entered into the contract between Cognitive Policy Works and the progressive world.  You see, none of the so-called leaders in the movement have stepped up and invested in a communication strategy that helps bring us all together.  So we’re coming to you and asking if you’ll partner with us to start the effort.

We simply cannot wait any longer.

The question is “Do you believe real progressive change is possible for America today?” If you do, please show your support and invest in us.  Don’t think of this as a donation.  After all, Cognitive Policy Works is a for-profit consulting firm.  We want to enter into a working relationship with you and provide the resources that you need in order to drive change yourself.

So will you do it?  We can’t begin until the $5000 goal is reached.


Joe Brewer
Founder & Director
Cognitive Policy Works

Cognitive Policy Works specializes in providing organizations and individuals with frame analysis, policy briefs, strategic advising, and training.