The Progressive Strategy Handbook Is Here!

Are you ready to build the progressive movement that America desperately needs?  This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  We’ve finished writing The Progressive Strategy Handbook that you — the community — paid for last fall through a crowdfunding campaign.  It was paid for by the crowd, and now you own it.*

Get the handbook!

Our team has spent the last several weeks writing and editing, keeping a feverish pace so that we could get the conversation started as quickly as possible.  The entire handbook was completed in just over a month from start to finish!

Many of you have offered your expertise to the process.  And now you’ll get the chance to take what we’ve started and expand it. You see, this is not a typical handbook.  It’s an open invitation to collaboratively build the essential capacities that our movement needs.

That’s why we came to you to fund it, then invited all of you who put your money on the line to review it before release.  And now you’ll find that we’ve published the handbook in three forms to allow you to read it, share it with your friends, and improve it through a facilitated online process.

The handbook is now available as:

  1. A shareable PDF that you can download and pass around;
  2. A print-on-demand book that you can pre-order now; and,
  3. An online, interactive forum where you can improve and expand it.

This is an exciting moment for progressives everywhere.  We are beginning to see the power of social media for bypassing the dominant power structures of society in the unfolding global events in Egypt and Tunisia.  And now, right here in the United States, we have initiated the first crowd-based project to build vital capacities for the movement that traditional institutions were unable to deliver in the past.

Come join us and be part of the solution.  This is an All Hands On Deck moment and we need your help.

(And be sure to tell your friends…)

Working together to build a better world,

Joe Brewer
Founder and Director
Cognitive Policy Works

* The handbook has been released under a Creative Commons License so that you are free to share it with others.

Creative Commons License Please add attribution: From Cognitive Policy Works's The Progressive Strategy Handbook Is Here!

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