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Tools for the Revolution

Imagine a million progressives creating solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.  Creating resilient communities all over the world.  Promoting widespread prosperity and equality.  And showing just how small-minded the fearful actions of Reactionaries truly are in the face of much needed change. Yes, the Reactionaries have done their job well.  The status quo of […]

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Finding Frames for Global Poverty

I am excited to announce the release of a new report written by Andrew Darnton and Martin Kirk for Oxfam UK called Finding Frames: New Ways to Engage the UK Public in Global Poverty. Check it out: I helped inform their thinking about frames and provided a survey of key conceptual models shaping the development […]

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The Story Behind Cognitive Policy Works

You’ve probably noticed that Cognitive Policy Works isn’t a typical organization.  We have a social mission like a non-profit, yet operate as a small consulting business that provides valuable services to a broad range of clients.  And we’ve now initiated two high-impact projects for the progressive movement through innovative crowdfunding campaigns — the Progressive Strategy […]

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Building The New Paradigm for Money in Politics

The single largest problem in American politics is corporate control of the democratic process. We have watched over the years as moneyed interests have built vast networks of think tanks, bought up and consolidated media, and increasingly gained influence over elections and policy-making. At the heart of this problem is money. Those who have accumulated […]

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Radio Interview – “Building A Strong Progressive Movement”

This radio interview with Joe Brewer, Founder of Cognitive Policy Works, explores the core challenges facing the progressive movement in the United States.  Joe explains why progressives have been unable to set the political agenda in recent decades and offers insights into how to successfully frame the debate.  He also describes how to create compelling […]

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