How Social Change Works

When I launched Cognitive Policy Works three years ago, my goal was to deliver the next generation of best practices for driving political and social change, deeply informed by the cognitive and behavioral sciences.

This work continues in the varied research projects I’ve designed to advance our collective knowledge of how social change works in the realms of politics, economics, technology, and culture.

And now I want to share a  few things I’ve learned that are especially important for creating progressive change in our turbulent world:

If any of this is useful to you, please let me know.  I’ve spent the last decade piecing together the “solution space” for addressing global challenges.  And now I’m looking for better ways to put this knowledge and experience to work.


Joe Brewer
Founder and Director
Cognitive Policy Works

Cognitive Policy Works specializes in providing organizations and individuals with frame analysis, policy briefs, strategic advising, and training.