Help Us Provide Tools for Social Change!

This guest post was written by Eldan Goldenberg at Sustainable Seattle.

To change the world, we need to persuade one individual after another to change their behaviour.

This can seem like a daunting challenge, but there is a large body of knowledge out there about how to do it.  We at Sustainable Seattle think this is one of the most important challenges facing all of us, so we’re working to share this knowledge with as many people as we can, with classes and handbooks.

We are partnering with Joe Brewer to write a Designers’ Guide for Social Change that will help all of us to apply insights from cognitive science to designing more effective social change campaigns.  This will be a crucial tool for change agents, helping you to understand human nature better, and use this knowledge to make your campaign succeed.

This handbook will be free to download and distribute, under a Creative Commons license.  We’re raising money to cover the cost.  We’ve had 18 contributions so far, but we’ll need many more to reach the $5,000 target that will make this possible.  I’m writing today to ask for your help: by donating money, sharing your ideas, or simply spreading the word.

Joe has worked closely with George Lakoff, the cognitive scientist who introduced semantic frames to the world of progressive politics.  He brings great expertise to the table, but he won’t be writing this manual alone.  We want your input, to help us plan exactly what topics will be covered.  Everyone who donates $15 or more will be invited to guide what goes into the handbook, making it as useful to you as possible.

We have larger rewards for larger donations, but we really want as many people as possible to donate and share ideas.  The more people who join in, the better this handbook will be.  Will you join us?

Donate now!


Eldan Goldenberg

Sustainable Seattle

PS: we have to reach our target within 40 days for the project to go ahead.

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