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What You Can Do About the War on Women

This morning I read an article titled How the War on Women Became Mainstream that compelled me to action.  It chronicles the escalation of attacks on the basic human rights of women in the United States, painting a picture of religious fanaticism that came with the election of Tea Party radicals to state and federal […]

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Progress Report on Political Framing

You may be wondering why frame analysis has taken so long to be put to use by progressive organizations. In this video, I offer insights into why framing takes longer to put in place and how progress is being made around the world. Last week I participated in a strategy meeting with several non-governmental organizations […]

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How Measurement Shapes What We Take to be Reality

Have you ever wanted the god-like power to create entire worlds?  Wondered what it feels like to destroy a universe with the flick of your hand?  Then become an accountant.  That’s right, you heard me.  The Great Creators (and Destroyers) of reality are the people who define what is worthy of measurement. Consider this: Current […]

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