The End of Cognitive Policy Works — And New Beginnings!

Many of you read my post earlier this year about the evolving practice of Cognitive Policy Works, where I shared the diagram below to chart our progress over the years.  Since that time, the core questions about where this work might go have been resolved.  And I am excited to share the news that the mission of Cognitive Policy Works is being folded into our new organization — Culture2 Inc.  Culture2 is a full-service culture design lab that will take all our applications of cognitive science for social change and deploy them around the world with the vast network of partners and clients we have cultivated since 2008.

Cognitive Policy Works will be closed down and preserved as an online archive.  The publications of the Rockridge Institute will continue to be available here for scholars, students, and practitioners to benefit from and share among their peers.

It has been my humble pleasure to curate and provide access to these materials since my tenure at Rockridge came to an end (which was also the point where I transitioned the practice of strategic frame analysis over to CPW).

The path we took in the last five years looked like this:

And now I have joined forces with B. Laszlo Karafiath to take all this work to new heights.  At Culture2, we will deploy design tools developed from cutting-edge research in cognitive science, complexity research, and cultural evolution to map out idea landscapes and help good ideas spread.  We already have clients with whom we are developing measurement frameworks for social impact that have great potential for disrupting the world of marketing.  And others with whom we are operationalizing the use of strategic frames in regional and global campaigns.

It has been a long road to get here.  We are now able to take these steps with full confidence that the world is ready for the next generation of culture design tools.  For those of you who celebrate the work of my mentor, George Lakoff, you will be pleased to hear that his insights into the political mind are still essential to the work we do.  Many organizations in the non-profit and governmental arenas were not ready to bring these insights into their daily practices when we set out on this journey together. But they are now.  And we have learned a great deal about how to translate findings from the academic world into frameworks and analytic tools that are “shovel ready” to deploy in real-world campaigns today.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have given to us at Cognitive Policy Works.  I have learned more with you in the last five years than could ever be conveyed in one letter.  We brought a great synthesis together from many disparate fields of psychology, linguistics, brain research, marketing, design, and more.  And we have carved out a niche for this body of work where previously there was none.

Please drop by our new home at Culture2 and say hello!

Appreciatively yours,

Joe Brewer
Founder & Director
Cognitive Policy Works

Cognitive Policy Works specializes in providing organizations and individuals with frame analysis, policy briefs, strategic advising, and training.