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ClimateMeme2 — The Search for Hope and Healing

Imagine all of humanity coming together to face global warming Please take a moment to donate to our new crowdfunding campaign! We are culture designers who specialize in the spread of ideas, stories, and helpful social behaviors. Last year our Climate Meme Project revealed the cultural drivers of the conversation about global warming.  What we discovered was […]

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The End of Cognitive Policy Works — And New Beginnings!

Many of you read my post earlier this year about the evolving practice of Cognitive Policy Works, where I shared the diagram below to chart our progress over the years.  Since that time, the core questions about where this work might go have been resolved.  And I am excited to share the news that the […]

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Can Culture Really Be Studied Scientifically?

It is worth pausing to reflect on the fact that cultural studies have historically been separated from science.  Yes, it makes sense to apply the tools of science to the movement of planets, properties of metals, and other physical things.  But isn’t culture different?  Isn’t it made of something other than physical stuff?  This is […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Debt — Toward a Sustainable Financial System

A few months ago, I wrote an article calling for an end to the world’s debt — summarizing the history of debt from anthropological studies of early civilizations and economic activities in hunter-gatherer societies.  You can read it here. We are living through an unprecedented period of human history.  Our population has exploded.  We are […]

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Strategic Framing of the Red “Equality” Square

This week the Supreme Court is considering a case about the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and legal protections granted to same-sex couples in states where gay marriage is now legally recognized.  This is a watershed moment in US cultural history and internet activists are doing their part to make a collective […]

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Applying Complexity Science to Social Systems

Many people reach out to me because they want to learn about the science of complexity.  They ask what it is, how it works, and — most importantly — how they can apply it to global challenges confronting humanity. In those conversations I share what I have learned as a complexity researcher who specializes in […]

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A Climate Activist’s Guide to Moral Worldviews

At the heart of the climate crisis is a profound clash of worldviews. People live in different ideological camps — beholden to their own beliefs, values, judgements, and ideas about the relationship between humans and the natural environment. The failure of climate activists to engage the broad public effectively is largely attributable to this great […]

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Purposely Shaping the Evolution of Human Culture

Ideas have been shaped by the same evolutionary forces throughout human history that produce the great diversity of life on Earth. The skill sets and fashion sensibilities of each culture arose in a particular geographic setting — attuned to local climates, landscapes, flora, and fauna. The cave dwellings of Paleolithic European people, for example, differ […]

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What If All the World’s Debt Just Went Away

Just for fun, imagine if all debt were wiped away when the Mayan Calendar ends this Friday… How would the world be different?  What would become possible for you personally in your life?  How would nations and corporations invest our newfound wealth differently if we all started from a clean slate?  Problems like global warming […]

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Getting Good Ideas to Spread

This article was co-authored by Joe Brewer and Lazlo Karafiath Pick any of the great challenges confronting humanity today and ask yourself “Is the quality of public discourse good enough to address it?” You’ll find that for every single issue — be it global warming, resource depletion, chronic poverty, or what have you – the […]

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