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The REAL Reason Conservatives Always Win

Have you ever wondered why it is that Progressives repeatedly lose ground in American politics?  We almost always have the facts on our side.  The experts agree with us.  Hell, a lot of us are the experts.  And yet history clearly shows that Conservatives have the best political game in town.  They dominate political discourse, establishing […]

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Progress Report on Political Framing

You may be wondering why frame analysis has taken so long to be put to use by progressive organizations. In this video, I offer insights into why framing takes longer to put in place and how progress is being made around the world. Last week I participated in a strategy meeting with several non-governmental organizations […]

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Lakoff and Westen Miss the Constitutional Elephant in the Room

I am interested in helping to stimulate a dialogue towards ultimate solutions whereby the American people’s will becomes the law of the land. I believe this cannot happen within the framework of our current government, its constitutional limitations, and the resulting two-party system entirely corrupted by money. I believe this can happen, indeed must happen, by exercising our natural, […]

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Creating A New Science — Human Interface with Global Change

The 20th Century was an era of specialization.  Many new fields of research were created that separate one domain of knowledge from another.  The 21st Century must be an era of synthesis and integration.  The challenges set before us are incredibly complex, unfolding as seamlessly interconnected patterns that span the globe. As a social innovator […]

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The Future of Cognitive Policy Works

Throughout the last three years, this company has held the space for deep conversations about the role of cognitive science for politics, global issues, and the transition to a new economic paradigm. [Read the full story of Cognitive Policy Works here] We have continued the vital work of George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute by […]

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The Story Behind Cognitive Policy Works

You’ve probably noticed that Cognitive Policy Works isn’t a typical organization.  We have a social mission like a non-profit, yet operate as a small consulting business that provides valuable services to a broad range of clients.  And we’ve now initiated two high-impact projects for the progressive movement through innovative crowdfunding campaigns — the Progressive Strategy […]

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Radio Interview – “Building A Strong Progressive Movement”

This radio interview with Joe Brewer, Founder of Cognitive Policy Works, explores the core challenges facing the progressive movement in the United States.  Joe explains why progressives have been unable to set the political agenda in recent decades and offers insights into how to successfully frame the debate.  He also describes how to create compelling […]

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Strategy Workgroup: Funding The Movement

Building on the success of the Progressive Strategy Handbook, an open source platform for building capacity for the movement, we are hosting this series of Strategy Workgroups.  (See them all here) The first discussion topic was the branding of the progressive vision.  This one is dedicated to finding workable solutions to the funding challenges of the movement.  We […]

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How We’ll Fund The Progressive Movement

It is time to solve a fundamental problem that plagues progressives everywhere – the lack of seed money to get innovative projects off the ground and the absence of workable funding models to scale up the ongoing efforts to create systemic cultural, economic, and political change. Every major economic paradigm shift throughout modern history has […]

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Strategy Workgroup: Branding the Progressive Vision

We just launched the Progressive Strategy Handbook, an open source platform for building capacity for the movement, where we promised to provide an online forum for ongoing discussions that lead to strategic initiatives. The first discussion topic we’d like to discuss is the branding of  what it means to be progressive.  This is a topic […]

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