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Thriving in a Changing World

Perhaps it’s a truism to say the only thing that stays the same is change.  But this little bit of wisdom has taken on new meaning in the midst of global economic upheaval, destabilized planetary climate, and a plethora of new challenges each decade that couldn’t have been fathomed a few years prior. The challenge […]

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A Politics that Works in the 21st Century

Changing our politics will involve significant shifts in political – and interpersonal – culture. This may seem like a truism, yet it is common practice among progressive “political junkies” to place nearly all their attention on electoral campaigns and legislative battles. The assumption seems to be that if only we get more of our people […]

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Now What? A Cautionary Note, and an Invitation, to Progressives

Exploring the psychology of social change reveals warning signs and opportunities for progressives as Obama takes power. Now that progressives have attained their goal of electing Barack Obama president and established the presence of a political mandate for change and, putatively, progressive ideas, what can we expect will happen next? What do we now need […]

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