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Building a Culture of Trust in Politics

A culture of trust is vital to solving the big problems of our age. Without trust, there can be no hope of real and lasting positive change in the world. Our challenges are too big to solve on our own. We must be able to work together and collaborate on an unprecedented scale to build […]

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User Interface for Social Policy

What would politics be like if we thought about the way citizens experience it? We have all had the experience of a clunky website or technical gadget that was difficult to use. Typically, the experience prompted us to look elsewhere. Perhaps it’s time to consider the “user interface” design of political systems that lies at […]

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The Truth About Consequences: Conservatives, Progressives, and Accountability Moments

This article is re-published from Campaign for America’s Future. The original can be found here. Whew. Run your bank into the ground? Hey, it was our fault for not keeping a better eye on you. Here’s some cash. Since you’re rich guys, we trust you to do the right thing going forward, so we’re not […]

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