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Obama Starts Race War to Win Election: An Inquiry Into Conspiracy Theories, Part II

The beat goes on.

In the nearly two weeks since I wrote Part I of this series, an armed gunman was arrested en route to assaulting an obscure progressive foundation in San Francisco — one that’s often been at the center of Glenn Beck’s blackboard (which has become Conspiracy Theory Ground Zero for 2010). Also, this just in: President Obama is attempting to foment a race war, complete with New Black Panthers in the streets, in order to win the November elections.

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Identity Campaigning and Cognitive Policy

I would like to share with you some work that is led by Tom Crompton, change strategist for WWF-UK and author of Weathercocks and Signposts: The Environmental Movement at a Crossroads, which builds a framework for political campaigns based on cognitive policy. Tom and I are working along with a host of other people to […]

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Ending the Hidden Agenda Behind Tax Cuts

Something as simple as a metaphor can mean the difference between shared prosperity and widespread suffering. It’s time to tell the truth about tax cuts. This phrase dominates political discourse and is coughed out every time a conservative public figure opens his mouth. It is treated like the basis of sound reasoning, yet no one […]

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Revealing the Great Political Blind Spot [with podcast]

I recently had the pleasure of speaking about the future of politics in the Canadian province of Alberta at the Parkland Institute’s conference, The Moral of the Story: Art, Culture, Media and Politics. The lineup of speakers was inspiring. (You can find audio of the other talks here. Mine is embedded below.)

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A Vision for 21st Century Politics

For too long, the politics of manipulation and deceit have shaped our shared destiny. For decades, cutting-edge knowledge from psychology and related fields has been used by marketing and public relations firms for private gain and to the detriment of the public. In tandem with a cadre of conservative think tanks and political pundits, these […]

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