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Psychology and Politics: How They Are Connected

The primary mission of Cognitive Policy Works is to put the knowledge and techniques of the behavioral and social sciences into the hands of progressive activists. Clinical psychology in particular has an important role to play in enhancing the tools available to those who are interested in creating positive social change.

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The Meaning of Cynicism

In the wake of my recent post in the progressive blogosphere, I find myself thinking a lot about cynicism. The article, “Now What? A Cautionary Note, and an Invitation, to Progressives”, appeared on Truthout.com, outlining the inevitability of letdown after victory, and the need to shift the progressive group identity from underdog to agent of […]

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Now What? A Cautionary Note, and an Invitation, to Progressives

Exploring the psychology of social change reveals warning signs and opportunities for progressives as Obama takes power. Now that progressives have attained their goal of electing Barack Obama president and established the presence of a political mandate for change and, putatively, progressive ideas, what can we expect will happen next? What do we now need […]

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