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A Quick Observation: Cynics and Optimists in the Blogosphere

Recently my colleague Roy Eidelson and I each published articles in the blogosphere about our predictions and warnings for progressives in the wake of President Obama’s election. We each wrote on a similar topic (mine is here and Roy’s is here). We had both started to write our respective pieces last fall after the election; […]

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Building a Culture of Trust in Politics

A culture of trust is vital to solving the big problems of our age. Without trust, there can be no hope of real and lasting positive change in the world. Our challenges are too big to solve on our own. We must be able to work together and collaborate on an unprecedented scale to build […]

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Reaching Out to Conservative Christians: A Time for Healing Old Wounds

Obama’s recent reversal of the Bush Administration’s ban on stem cell research offers progressives an opportunity to reflect upon our relationship to religion. We can take this moment to consider how our views of religion differ from those of many conservatives – and how we might start the healing process with these fellow Americans while […]

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Tools for Countering Deception in Politics

Advanced techniques are used by those in power to manage public perceptions, shape political discourse, and exploit psychological tendencies to advance otherwise unpopular agendas. Part of our mission at Cognitive Policy Works is to demonstrate how the political mind operates so that grassroots activists and non-profit managers can protect themselves against these deceptive practices.

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A Vision for 21st Century Politics

For too long, the politics of manipulation and deceit have shaped our shared destiny. For decades, cutting-edge knowledge from psychology and related fields has been used by marketing and public relations firms for private gain and to the detriment of the public. In tandem with a cadre of conservative think tanks and political pundits, these […]

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