Consulting Services

Cognitive Policy Works provides strategic advising, policy analysis, professional and advocacy training for businesses, nonprofits and governmental organizations.  We are a team of experts in political behavior and social change with a powerful combination of skills ranging from psychology and linguistics to media studies and strategic planning.  Our understanding of human thought and behavior can help demonstrate the significance of understanding how the mind works in institutional and political contexts.


Frame Analysis

If you want to engage your audience and shift public debate, you will need to identify the mental models that shape how people see the world. Understanding the semantic frames – also known as mental models – that shape how different communities understand the issue is the key to any successful campaign.

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Strategy Development

If you want to design and implement effective campaigns that win support from within your organization you will need to apply insights into the political mind, framing, and the psychology of change.  We offer guidance in the organizational change process by participating in strategy sessions,  writing policy briefs, and offering frame analysis.  We can help your organization overcome the hurdles within and beyond your walls.

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We can train your staff to learn new strategy tools, gain deeper insights into their work, become more effective advocates through better progressive framing and help with general capacity building.  We offer workshops, webinars, training manuals, and one-on-one consulting tailored to your needs.

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Policy Briefings

Getting people to care about your issues and winning broad-based support for your objectives is very difficult.  Our policy briefs provide a better understanding of the landscape in which you operate, the underlying progressive psychology that drives people to be passionate about your mission, and what turns them off to it.

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