Frame Analysis

The communications landscape is currently filled with manipulative practices that spin the debate of an unwary public, frame analysis reveals spin and manipulation.  By revealing the hidden frames used to manipulate how people understand an issue or initiative, you can align thought processes with reality.

By understanding mental models doors will open, processes will move forward, you will be seeing your field, company, initiative, and yourself in a larger strategic picture.  It will transform your thinking and the way your organization operates. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization move forward.

A framing approach could fundamentally shift how Oxfam GB approaches its role as a change agent, CPW’s insight and advice has been invaluable.

– Martin Kirk
Head of UK Campaigns
Oxfam Great Britain

If you want to engage your audience and shift public debate, you need to identify the mental models that shape how people see the world.  Understanding the semantic frames – also known as mental models – that shape how different communities understand the issue is the key to any successful campaign.

Contact us to discover the frames that shape debate around your issue.

CPW’s involvement has proven invaluable to us in getting development charities in the UK to think differently about how they engage the general public.

-Andrew Darnton
AD Research & Analysis

As one of our core competencies, frame analysis and political framing are key to any political, corporate, or social issue. George Lakoff pioneered political frame analysis and our predecessor organization, the Rockridge Institute, gave it solid foundations through years of research. You can explore the fundamentals of framing on your own at our resource center’s entry on framing.