Training and Workshops

We offer a variety of options for training your staff and empowering your volunteers to be effective agents of progressive change.  From workshops to webinars, guidebooks to strategy briefs, and even one-on-one consultations, there is a training option that will serve your needs.

Check out these workshops we’ve given in the past.  Each workshop includes training manuals, practical skills, and guided practice to put them to use.

And, of course, contact us if you would like to inquire about hiring us to provide a training for you.

How to Bring About Large-Scale Behavior Change

One of the most confounding challenges facing the sustainability movement is how to bring about a massive shift in human behavior.  This master class explores a variety of powerful insights from cognitive science for developing successful social change strategies.  You’ll learn how meaning arises in the workings of the human brain, why emotions are absolutely vital for engaging people in a process of persistent change, and what the root causes are that have driven societal institutions to the edge of ecological collapse.

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How to Reframe Health Care

The national debate over the future of health care security is complex and confusing to many Americans. There is little doubt that the country is in the midst of a health care crisis as more than 100 million Americans find themselves underinsured, uninsured and without adequate health care. Advocates on multiple sides of the debate inundate voters with various plans, statistics, prescriptions, and political sloganeering. Yet, the confusion remains.  We offer moral clarity in How to Reframe Health Care: Frame “Shifting” in the Real World.

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Knowing the Political Mind

Successful advocacy in the 21st Century will require new insights into political thought and behavior.  Current political practices are failing to galvanize the populace into action around the great challenges of our time.  It is vital that new practices emerge that heal the broken political culture that doesn’t go far enough fast enough to deliver the sustainable world that we have to create throughout the next few decades.  We offer strategic insight in Knowing the Political Mind: Cognitive Strategies for Effective Communication.

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The Framing of Accountability in Education

Professionals in the education community are well aware of the gap between what are known to be best practices for guided learning and the abysmal outcomes of standardized testing.  In order to grapple successfully with this implementation gap, it is vital to understand key metaphors and mental models that shape how the public thinks about the knowledge creation process and the nature of accountability in education.  We offer clarity and a framework for strategic engagement for educators to gain solid ground in the policy arena.

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