Knowing the Political Mind

A workshop for progressive advocates that delivers key insights into the political mind and hands-on training with new analytical and communication techniques.


Our professional coaches work with you in this half day training session to understand the Great Political Blind Spot.  You’ll get a stimulating overview of the political mind that challenges you to think differently about the way your mind works – and why it is so vital for advocacy work.

By the end of the session, you will be able to explain why people often vote against their economic interests and you’ll have practice communicating your values in powerful ways.

Participants receive:

  • A copy of Knowing the Political Mind – Cognitive Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Skill-building activities for speaking from a strong moral foundation with the VIP Technique (Values-Issues-Positions)
  • Practice with the Frame Breaking Technique  that allows you to challenge misconceptions and clarify key truths on the issues you care about
  • Personal coaching with our social change strategists