Strategic Planning

We specialize in the psychology of social change, both within an organization and directed outward toward the markets it serves. Strategic advising helps teams understand the group dynamics that lead to conflict and correct misconceptions about how different people understand political issues. Externally, Cognitive Policy Works can help you improve your tactics and advance your objectives in the field.

CPW’s involvement has proven invaluable to us in getting development charities in the UK to think differently about how they engage the general public.
-Andrew Darnton
AD Research & Analysis

Strategic planning involves working closely with your management team to increase its effectiveness at engaging target audiences.  We provide evaluations of internal management processes, frame analysis of communication materials, trainings on strategic engagement and values-based communication, and guidance for your staff as they apply this knowledge in their work.

We worked closely with the California School Employees Association for 18 months to help them rethink their public engagement strategies and chart a new course. During this time, we provided frame analysis on education, health care, taxation and budgets, and labor unions. We distilled our findings into a guidebook for training their staff. We then guided their field directors and communications staff as they set the operational course for their departments by providing insights into key psychological processes that were hindering their progress.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs. Together we can craft a package that works best for you.