The climate system is collapsing and our global economy is structured in a way that promises more market failures because it fails to recognize natural limits.  We can’t continue to let invested powers from the past keep us from a sustainable future. We hope these resources will be helpful to you in your efforts to move human civilization forward during this era of serious consequences.

Comparing Climate Proposals: A Case Study in Cognitive Policy provides an excellent overview of our research on environmental policy and the psychology of climate change.

Climate Change

Blog Articles

How Conservatives Have Duped Us in the Global Warming Fight A strategic idea advanced by conservatives is hindering efforts of progressives to solve the climate crisis.

Who Framed Global Warming? The climate debate has been shaped by deep cultural understandings, some of which were manipulated to direct attention away from the truth.

Why We Are Losing the Global Warming Battle Solving the climate crisis requires that we cultivate a new commonsense.

Policy Analysis

The Key Ideas Behind the Sky Trust Revealing the underlying ideas and assumptions behind policy proposals is necessary for finding effective solutions.

The Environmental Movement

How Can We Make ‘Green’ an Identity? Narratives shape our perceptions of environmentalism and hold the key to making “green” a popular identity.

Fads, Frames, and the Environment The environmental movement is here to stay. It just needs to overcome a few faulty frames to really go mainstream.

Critique of News Narrative

Blog Articles

The ‘Feel Good’ Approach to Climate Distortion A number of rhetorical tactics to mislead the public are explored to reveal the importance of self-knowledge in citizen action.

Bush’s Trade Barriers to Climate Success Narratives trump facts. This article explores the narrative used by President Bush to capture media attention without changing his position on global warming in any genuine way.

When Climate Message is Strong, Attack the Messenger! Al Gore’s credibility is bound to the framing of messages by the media. This article reveals the rhetorical tricks intended to spread doubt about his message by attacking his character.

Missing the Real Message in Nobel Prize? A redirection technique has been used to draw attention away from the real story of Al Gore’s accomplishments.

Policy Analysis and Research

Beyond Extreme: The Illusion of a New Climate Centrism Getting our labels right is important to the environmental movement. This article clarifies some of the confusion between labels and ideology in media coverage of the climate debate.

Climate and the Psychology of Loss Fear is often used to deter the public from taking action. This article presents a well-known psychological mechanism to reveal how feelings of loss emerge through crafted language.

Healthy Food And Livable Communities

Blog Articles

High Tech is Down in the Dirt How we conceptualize ideas like “technology” will shape whether or not we think outside the box

Bee Keeper’s Wisdom for Human Flourishing We can learn a lot from bees about how to create thriving communities

Agro-Fuel Craze Squeezing Farmers By framing our energy problems as being about which source of fuels we use, we have landed in a trap that is hurting local farmers

Emergent Ecological Order – When Players Change the Game Building a flourishing and healthy economy in the 21st Century will require that we come up with new “rules for the game.”

Research and Analysis

The Frame, The Farm, The Harm Central frames in the debate around agriculture and food policy will determine the future of food

Energy Challenges

Energy Crisis Won’t “Wait for the Market” Central to addressing the climate crisis is the way markets are understood.

Debating Energy as if Communities Mattered At the heart of our energy debate is the need for livable communities. This idea has been absent for too long, impoverishing the debate considerably.

The Coming Biofuels Disaster Biofuels are not the clear solution they seem to be. They do not meet the “livability” criterion for any sustainable solution to our energy woes.

Shifting the Climate of Security Addressing environmental challenges will require that we reframe how we think about security issues.