Seattle’s Innovation Engine

We are helping design and build an innovation engine for bringing together the creative talents of entire regions around a shared vision of the future.  There is considerable need for a catalyst, the organizational capacity to connect the great minds in our midst and facilitate collaborations in a way that builds over time.

What is an innovation engine?

Here’s our working definition:

A set of social practices and organizational structures that promote ongoing stimulation of new ideas, combined with mechanisms that can reliably and effectively channel those ideas into a flourishing network of collaborative projects.

The ultimate goal of an innovation engine is to align talented visionaries within government, investors and bankers, the business community, planners and developers, agriculture, labor, non-profits, and teaching and research institutions.  We will need coordinated leadership across these sectors to set the course and develop a strong, detailed shared vision of our future if we are to transform our cities into the sustainable models that lead the way for others to follow.

We are currently developing an innovation engine for Seattle directed toward the goal of making it the first carbon neutral city in North America.

Download the prospectus

Contact us if you’d like to learn more or get involved:

(Check back for updates. This project is under development now.)

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